The Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

Since the beginning of my first pregnancy, I started attending prenatal yoga classes at YogaShala on N Williams. This studio employs thoughtful, caring instructors who take the time before each class to listen and fine tune instruction to your individual needs. YogaShala also has a wellness studio attached for acupuncture and massage appointments before or after baby’s arrival.

Through dedicated practice, the benefits of prenatal yoga are astronomical. I recommend all mothers-to-be attend prenatal yoga classes, especially if they are hoping to have a natural childbirth. The classes were incredibly beneficial, and I always felt accepted. They focused on mother and baby health, not on religion, and I never felt any conflicting spiritual aspect with my faith. In fact, through practicing yoga, I am able to focus on my relationship with God through upholding “the body is a temple” belief that the body should be nurtured and cared for throughout pregnancy for optimal mother and baby health.

Prenatal yoga prepares and strengthens your mind and body for the journey ahead. Additionally, it provides comradery with other pregnant women that helps ease the transition into motherhood. This class prepared me for what to expect. Even if your internal monologue sounds something like this, “I can’t believe that is what 40 weeks looks like! I don’t think my belly will ever get THAT big. How does she manage?” and then you are there at 40 weeks with your belly“THAT big” spending most of the class in child’s pose.

Isn’t it interesting that the number 40 has such a significant occurrence in the Bible?  For 40 years the Israelite’s wandered in the desert, for 40 days Jesus struggled with the devil, and for 40 weeks mothers bear the trials and tribulations of pregnancy. Each of these 40 trial periods are a test that ultimately bring great joy and fulfillment, although the path is difficult. May God provide comfort for us at the end of the journey of preparation and lead us into the light of his glory.



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