Pregnancy: Participating in a Miracle

Pregnancy involves participating in a miracle with God. I try to keep this in mind every time I get frustrated, tired, or discouraged with the pregnancy process. While I am afraid of reliving the pain I had during my natural childbirth with my first son, I must trust God that everything will be okay. So many times during pregnancy I have needed to place my trust in God. Trust that the baby will develop properly, trust that I won’t go insane with the constant bodily changes, trust that I will have enough energy to work, cook, clean house, and run after my toddler….I try to remember that the pain that lies ahead is nothing compared to the joy this new child will bring. What a precious gift to carry a new soul that with God’s grace will one day enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Furthermore if Mother Mary was able to labor and give birth in a stable, shouldn’t I be able to deliver this baby without complications in a modern hospital? Imagine trying to recover from childbirth and learning to breastfeed while entertaining three kings and riding a donkey! Mary understands the difficulties that mothers go through during this pivotal transition period. Invoke her intervention and pray often.

When I am afraid, in you I place my trust. (Psalms 56:4)


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