16110893_1269672823082560_5872062369215021056_n1“The Bible speaks again and again of the goodness and beauty of creation, which is called to glorify God.” – Pope John Paul II, 1990 World Day of Peace Message, no. 14

The Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI) is one of my favorite places to visit. The museum has multiple rooms which entertain and delight visitors. With so many activities to enjoy at OMSI, my son J is content to stay all morning. We are fortunate to have a President Membership which allows us free access for our family and guests, free OMNIMAX and Planetarium tickets, and free passes for 21-and-over date nights to OMSI After Dark events. J and I visit for play dates on a weekly basis. He enjoys the air pressured ballroom, flying paper airplanes, throwing balls into the black hole pit, digging in the Watershed Lab, admiring the animals in the Life Science Lab, and the continuously rotating special exhibits.The children’s room is an enclosed area that contains bolting toddlers within a limited space. However, there is plenty to entertain and delight them: a sand pit, water play area, creative art table, simulation grocery store, and more. There is even a small infant area for pre-walkers to explore complete with musical instruments, a tropical fish tank, and ball pit. In addition to enjoying these benefits, OMSI has a reciprocal relationship with other ASTC museums through their Travel Passport Program which allows for free entry to any of their museums within the 50 states. I highly recommend any parent with young children to purchase an OMSI membership and reap these, and many other, benefits. Teaching your child a love for science is a tremendous gift. Through seeing the beauty in creation, we share in God’s love and recognize that God is in us and in nature.  


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