Portlandia: The Mother of the City

Let everything that has breath give praise to the Lord. Hallelujah! (Psalms 150:6)

Portlandia. The “Mother of the City”. The dominate female symbol that has guided Portland throughout the decades. She loves the weird and unusual, and welcomes her children from all four corners of the earth. Her right hand extends to embrace those below while her left hand triumphantly grasps a trident. The beloved mother with a hit television show. Using his own mother as a muse, Ronald Talney’s accompanying poem mentions Portlandia’s breath giving life to the communities and neighborhoods of the “City of Roses”. Much as God’s breath gave life to Adam, and our own mother’s breath gave life to us, may her image serve as a reminder that God continues to breathe life into Portland. The Holy Spirit is alive here. Let us pray that we open our hearts to see its works and follow the breath of life home.




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